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IJ.Start.Cannon | Setup of Canon IJ and its Installation

Visit HTTP IJ Start Cannon – This digital piece will cover all the explanations regarding the process of setting up the canon printer both wireless and wired. These steps will act as a guide for users who work on Mac devices and Windows.

Need for the latest driver For HTTP IJ Start Cannon

The latest drivers are needed to be installed for setting up the printer for example Canon IJ setup drivers. Also, you should have good internet connectivity with the help of a modem so that you can access the services properly.


Steps for the installation of IJ.Start.Cannon

Step 1
● Firstly you need to download the correct model drivers for the printers. Also, ensure the compatibility of the operating system version while downloading and loading it.

Step 2
● Now you need to make double-click on it to start with the installation process. You need to select the option of a “wireless connection’ from the screen where it is indicated to select a method for connecting the printer. If you have a wired connection you need to choose the USB connection option.

For Mac users, the right password has to be entered, and then you can proceed.

Connection Method Selection

step 3
● You need to switch on the canon printer and check the proper connections to ensure the best connectivity with the power outlet.

Connectivity with the power outlet

step 4
● Now you need to press the Wi-Fi alarm lamp key provided on the printer and hold it for some time until the lamp starts flashing twice.

Connection with the wireless setup

step 5
● You can see the blue flashing light from the Wi-Fi lamp which ensures that you have successfully connected the printer with the router.

Flashing lamps

step 6
● Read the license agreement and accept the agreement by clicking “Yes”. Before that go through the necessary details about your region where you can find the printer model name along with the name of the wireless network.

License agreement

step 7
● After ensuring the connection of the wireless network with the printer, click “complete” and the installation process gets finished.

  Setup completion

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Guidelines to set up HTTP //IJ.Start.Cannon with the USB

https //IJ.Start.Cannon

Setup of the printer with USB

  1. If you are finding it difficult to locate the printer, you need to select the option of “setup network connection via USB” and then you can proceed to  NEXT.
  2. Now you need to make a jump towards the setup of the printer and connect it with your computer using a USB cable. In case you are a MAC user, then click NEXT.
  3. That access point will be visible on your screen and if you wish to make the wireless network to get connected to your printer, jump to the ‘yes” option. In case you are a MAC user, then you need to click ALLOW where you have the option of dismantling the printer from the computer. Then, click NEXT.
  4. You can click on the option- “COMPLETE” if you are using Windows.
  5. The MAC users need to click ok for attaching the printer with their computers at the time of featuring the access point.
  6. Access the option “ADD PRINTER” and make click on the version of a particular driver. Finally, you can click on the “ADD” button.
  7. You need to jump on the NEXT option to complete the process of the setup of the printer using USB.


Guide to setting up the Canon IJ Wireless Printer on Windows Using HTTPS //IJ.Start.Cannon

https //IJ.Start.Cannon

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Guide to setting up the Canon IJ Wireless Printer on MAC using HTTP ij start cannon

https //IJ.Start.Cannon Guide For Wireless Printer On Mac
  1. 1. Firstly, you need to switch on the printer, Wifi modem, and your MAC system.
  2. Make a wireless connection with the Canon printer and proceed with the following steps.
  3. You need to go and access the website for downloading the driver and completing the process for setting up the same.
  4. Now, on your Mac, you need to choose the relevant system preferences. Select the preference and then the printer and scanner.
  5.  Make a selection of the Canon printer from the available number of printers after hitting the plus sign.
  6. You can finally hit the ADD button and this is how you can successfully set up the connection on Mac with the aid of ij.start.canonn

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List of requirements for setting up the connection of IJ.Start.Cannon Printer to Wireless Network

setting up the connection of IJ.Start.Cannon Printer to Wireless Network

You need to ensure the following systemic requirements before setting the Canon IJ Setup.

  1. Compulsorily, you should have an access point. It can be a router or a Wi-Fi modem.
  2. You should possess at least one smart device or a personal computer with the best Internet connection for successfully setting up the Canon IJ setup.
  3. You can open the browser for ensuring the proper connection of your device to the internet by typing There you will find all the guidelines and minute details concerning http //ij.start.cannon.

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Steps for setting up the connection of Canon IJ Printer to Wireless Network using “ij.start.cannon”

This is the guide where you can go through the overall process of making a connection of your canon printer to the computer using the setup.

  • If you are a Windows user, you need to insert the CD provided with the set of the printer. In case you are a MAC user, you can directly proceed with the downloading steps using the software manually.
  • You will see a screen where you have to click on next. In case you are a MAC user, provide the relevant password to install the helper tool.
    Always go for the wireless connection, if the screen asks you to make the USB or wireless connection.
  • Make sure that the printer and the power lamp are switched on by clicking on the “NEXT” button.
    Make the association of your computer with the network and a screen appears for the selection of cable-less setup.
  • In case you are a Windows XP user, you need to select the wireless setup with the help of a USB cable.
  • when the popup appears namely Canon wireless printer setup.
    After completing the very important step, you can see an option named connection via cable less setup.
  • You need to directly proceed to the Wi-Fi printer and present for some time. You can release the button after the alarm lamp starts sparkling twice and turns orange.
    Ensure that the Wi-Fi, which is blue colored starts flashing followed by the green color of the power lamp. Then you need to hit the next button and select your region and the residing place.
  • Select the software of your wish and after going to the details, press “Yes” for the conditions of the license agreement.

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Installation of Canon IJ Printer Driver taking aid of http //IJ.Start.Cannon

Following are the steps that will guide you on how to use a wireless connection for the installation of a canon printer driver. You can go through the installation guide manually with the help of a hard copy or online using this

It will guide you about the settings and other features for making the connection to the wireless network. After the successful connection of the printer to the wireless network, you can proceed with the installation process after opening the window of the control panel. Make a selection of the devices and the printer in the control panel and finally select the option “ADD PRINTER”.

For making the selection of adding a network, you can access the Bluetooth printer options and the other wireless options. From the available wireless printers, select the most appropriate wireless printer for you and hit the install driver button for installing the driver software.

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What’s the ij.start.cannon?

You should know the Canon IJ Setup before you proceed with the installation and connection of the printer to the other devices. Canon is a quite famous brand which has got smart features including a camera and various solutions like cinematography, printer, and scanner.

  • Canon printers are prominent and versatile since they have got greater productivity and efficient results.
  • They provide us with high-speed solutions in the version of USB 2.0. Moreover, it’s an easy way of accessing such printers in Airprint, Wi-Fi, etc. The alluring efficiency and productivity attract a good frequency of customers for buying it and removing all the worries using the features of one-stop solutions.
  • The most striking feature is that you can connect with every kind of device with Bluetooth, USB, etc. Furthermore, it offers the best quality of the products and nobody can avoid the installation of this printer. This guide helps you to learn the steps for the installation of this printer at your level.

Wrapping Up

You should be aware of the guidelines and steps to set up the canon printer and can access the website- ij start cannon. This guide helps you to find the various ways to connect the printer using the wireless connection to many devices. You can easily take out as many printouts as you want from your smartphones and computers by following the above-mentioned steps and after successfully making the network connection with the printer. Undoubtedly, it won’t be a difficult task anymore for setting up the printer with such easy steps.

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  1. What is the method for the connection of a Canon printer to an iPhone?

Nowadays printing photos and significant documents has become simpler even though the mobile phone is known as mobile printing.

With the advent of modernization and technology, Now we all have an option to connect the iPhone with the Canon printer and enjoy the most alluring features.
There is easy access to such printers in the market and also, it occupies a lesser amount of space.

Following are the steps to be followed to make a connection of the Canon printer to the iPhone.

  1. The first step suggests downloading the Canon print app and it can be done through the iPhone or iOS device.
  2. Make the proper connections of the device with the Canon printer. Make the settings for the printers and connect them.
  3. There are some options found concerning light on the printer. The green light is observed as soon as you open or switch on the printer.
  4. You will find an option named wifi on the Canon printer and also, blue light is visible on the printer.
  5. In case the blue light isn’t working, then you need to switch on the wifi button and hold it for some time till you hear the sound of an alarm twice.
  6. After releasing the button, you can see the blue light flashing.
  7. Go for the search of the Canon printer app with the help of your iPhone. You need to agree to the license agreements and read all the details.
  8. Now, you need to click the register print option and go for scanning the setup of the printer.
  9. Be patient and wait for the process of scanning. After that, you will be directed to two options where you have to choose one. The options are – Connect via wireless router and Direct Connection.
  10. You have to choose the first option. Also, refer to the instructions given at the bottom.
  11. Now you have to connect your canon printer with the wireless connection with the help of the settings icon on the iPhone.
  12. Click the OK button. Also, give a relevant name to the wireless connection and provide the desired password. Now hit the OK button.
  13. For searching the name of the printer, you can type its name and click the relevant one.
  14. Hit the OK button and finally, you have connected your iPhone with the Canon printer.

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2. What are the different steps and guidelines to connect mobile printing with the canon printer?

The process of setting up the canon printer has become easier and consumes less time. You can also go for several customizations for taking the printouts of either the images are the documents.

After the installation of the Canon printer app, our work becomes swifter and requires little effort. This highly useful app also allows us to enjoy the greatest number of functions that include the process of connecting the mobile phone to the canon printer.

Following are the steps to connect the mobile phone with the canon printer-

  1. Ensure that you have the proper internet connection on your mobile phone.
  2. You need to download the canon printer app from the Google Play Store.
  3. After the downloading process and installation of the same, keep the document or the required image ready for which you want to take the printout.
  4. You will get directed toward the screen where the preview of the printout is available. You can also customize the settings for the personalization of the print.
  5. Hit the printer option, where you will see the available printers list present near you. Select the relevant printer with the help of its name and finally click on the same.
  6. You can also go for the manual search of the printer by entering its name and then you can make the selection.
  7. Click the print option and take out the required print-out hard copy.

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3. How to take out the printout from the phone using the wireless printer?

Nowadays people prefer a wireless connection for taking out the prince of the desired images and documents. Since there is a risk of billions of viruses that may enter the phone through the wired connection, people find it safe to use the wireless network and prevent the data from being corrupted in the storage.

If you are an Android user or handle a tablet, you have to make an add-on to the software of the phone by downloading the cloud printer and end up linking it with the Google account.

The advanced settings are available for the Google cloud print section if you are using the Chrome web browser.

Finally, you need to proceed with the management and addition of the printers from the available list and click the three dots followed by the pressing of the print option after selecting the desired document.

You can also go for printing the Web pages and Gmail messages. For that, you need a Google cloud print section. Proceed with opening Google Chrome and finally direct yourself to Gmail. Take out the Gmail message or the webpage on which you want to take the print. Finally, click on the three dots in the menu button and make a selection of the print from the dropdown only after choosing the printer.

iPhone users can take advantage of Airprint-supported printers that behave similarly to Google cloud print. Don’t forget to check the eligibility of the printer for ensuring that the printer can take out a print wirelessly

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