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Canon PIXMA TS3122 Ink Cartridges | Replace Ink Cartridge

How can I replace a Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge?

Canon Printers are among the most modern and user-friendly printers. These devices are vulnerable and can malfunction when the Canon TS3122 ink cartridge is not available. The paint and the black cartridge would fit perfectly, in other words. It immediately reminds you when the ink amount is exhausted that it will be changed. Therefore, a new range of specified cartridges must be instantly substituted. Ensure that it is received from a credible and genuine source.

Canon TS3122 Ink cartridge precautions

  • The cartridge must automatically be substituted after an unused one has been removed. The printer can’t be left for more than 10 minutes without it.
  • In addition, directly load Cartridge after elimination. If you don’t, it will dry up. You should change the printer.
  • Ensure that all Canon Ink Cartridges are mounted to ensure the correct operation of your printer.
  • Ensure that a recycled cartridge is never installed so the nozzles will be blurred. As such, you are not alerted to the substitution of your Ink.
  • Don’t touch the Electrical Contacts or Nozzles of the Cartridges.
  • Be wary of Ink Stains and Spoilage during the substitution process.

Canon ts3122 ink replacement

  • To launch, click on your printer to replace the Ink Cartridge Canon TS3122.
  • Locate and enlarge the Paper Output Tray of the Printer. Only retract them. Retract them.
  • Open the lid of the Printer. This will continue to shift the Printhead Holder. Wait until it remains in its substituting role. It is important here not to disturb the movement. It is important. Never push it, therefore.
  • Be confident, more than 10 minutes, that it is not unlocked. The cartridge holder is shifted to the far left if this arises. This leads to a misunderstanding. Close the cover and open it again in that situation.
  • Now, lower the Canon TS3122 ink cartridge down slowly. To hear a vibration of the click twice, tap it.
  • Then unplug the ink cartridge carefully. Then, in compliance with state zoning and legislation, correctly discard them.
  • Bring out a new Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge. Remove it from the packaging carefully.
  • Remove the protective tapes. Pay attention to prevent tin stains or spilling. Don’t shake the Cart.
  • Here the removed safety tapes should be discarded with the utmost caution immediately. Make sure you never reconnect the tape after the tape has been replaced.
  • The Color and Black Cartridge are necessary for your printer. Therefore, both must be properly mounted. Please ensure the Color Cartridge is mounted in the left slot. Likewise, in the right slot, the Black one needs to be placed.
  • Now place the cartridge in the slanting position in the cartridge holder. Make sure even that the Electrical Contacts Holder does not strike. The Canon TS3122 Ink Cartridge must be moved in and out. Making sure it is handled with firmness but consideration. If it fits in the right position, you can hear a click sound.
  • Close the paper production cover correctly afterward.

After installation, prepare the printer

  • Once the Canon TS3122 ink cartridge has been appropriately replaced, the Printer is ready for the correct operation.
  • The printer starts to clean his printhead automatically. It’s going to take time. But make sure that during this phase you do not perform other operations.
  • In addition, if it isn’t matched, you would match the printout.
  • Your Printer creates noise that is natural during these procedures.