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Canon Inkjet Printer

Those of you think printers have lost their charm and they are no longer an appreciated computer accessory, then let us stop you right there. There are numerous times when a hard copy is needed and at that time a printer acts as the savior.

Now if you are someone who is finding it very difficult to find a printer, then we suggest that you pay a close look at the canon inkjet printer.  This is a printer that is a blend of price and performance. So digital piece of information is going to discuss:

  1.     How  to get started with a Canon inkjet printer
  2.     The hardware setup you need
  3.     The downloading driver that acts as a catalyst
  4.     Setting up your printer in a seamless manner
  5.     Parting tips             

How to get started with cannon inject printer

In order to get started with the printer, you need to follow certain steps. Once these steps are followed successfully the mechanism of setting up the printer will be initiated.  Some of these steps are:

  1. First you need to have a device that can have access to the internet. It can be a laptop, tablet, or Pc.
  2. Once done, the next step is to open the browser of your choice
  3. Once the Brower is opened, type on the command known as ij.start.cannon in the address bar and presses enter.
  4. Once you type this command, you will be directed to the home page of the cannon.  As you open the homepage you will come across various options. Search for the option known as “Setup” and then click on enter
  5. You will now see that you have directed to a new window, which will tell you to type the model number of the printer manually or take the help of the click select option that is present on the same page
  6. Once the model number is typed in, the setup instructions will come up on your screen. Follow the setup carefully to have a quick and easy setup.

The hardware setup you need

The above information told you about ij. start.cannon setup. This section will let you know the hardware process that you need for the Canon printer.  Follow the steps mentioned in this section to have a seamless hardware setup.

  1. First unbox your printer from the package and then open the website is known as ij.start.canon. Here you will come across a video tutorial that will enlighten you about the hardware setup for your printer.
  2. Take the help of the power cable and turn on your printer
  3. When the printer is turned on, you now need to set the language of your preference, time, date, and location
  4. Take the help of the website known as ij.start.cannon to know  how cartridge can be set up on  the printer

The downloading driver that acts as a catalyst

Once the setup for hardware is done, you need to move your focus to the driver that you may require. Downloading the driver is pretty simple. Just log into the website ij.start.cannon setup and click on the option known as download the driver software. Once you click on that, the download will start and the progress can be checked in the footer bar

Setting up your printer in a seamless manner

This is the last and final step of setting up your printer. Once you are done with all the hardware setup and driver download, you need to concentrate on setting up your device

  1. First turn on your printer and check whether the green light is on.
  2. Now open the download file from the footer and there “ run and allow button “ asking your permission to run the software in your system
  3. By following the guide in the same way ij. Start. canon. Setup download the diver
  4. Now you will have to set up your printer as a wireless connection with your device. For that certain setup needs to be followed. Once the driver is downloaded, you will ask the option to connect via USB or wireless connection. Here you have selected the wireless connection
  5. Now you will be asked to select a network. You will be given two options here a cable network or the cableless setup. Click on the cableless setup  option
  6. Now hold the printer’s wifi button. See if you notice orange flashes, if yes. Then after you notice two orange flashes. Leave the wifi button  Once this step is done your screen will show a software selection list
  7. If you are confused about which software to download, install all and then eliminate things which you don’t find suitable
  8. After this you will be provided with a license agreement, which you need to click yes, to agree with the terms and conditions
  9. Your screen will show an option known as “ allow wizard process” once your click next then you will get to see the model of printer flashing in front of you.  Now click on the option known as complete. You will see that the blue wifi light will stop blinking. So that means your setup is complete. 

Parting tips

Hope the information presented above has; helped you a lot in knowing the process that is needed in setting up a canon inkjet computer. The steps explained in this digital piece has an easy learning curve. So we hope that you won’t have any trouble understanding it.