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Canon Pixma MX490 Setup | All in one installation Guide

Installation of Canon MX490 Printer

Nowadays, we have a variety of printers that offer the best connectivity options and provide us a reliable way to take out a hardcopy at the time when it is needed.

If you are stuck somewhere in setting up the printer, this is the right place that you have landed. In this guide, you will get directed to the seamless advantages of the Canon Pixma Mx490 printer. The following digital peace is going to cover-

  • How to get started with the Canon Pixma printer?
  • Need for the latest driver
  • The easy process of installation of the printer
  • Parting tips

How to get started with the Canon Pixma printer?

If you are the first-time user to set up or install the Canon ts3122 setup, then before starting the procedure you have to confirm certain specifications that deal with proper connection and system details.

For ensuring the best connectivity, you must have a properly setup wireless router at your place. This would help in connecting available devices such as mobile phones, computers, and printers, Also, ensure that the wireless network is providing strong signals and high-speed internet.

For a seamless and convenient setup, make sure that your personal computer is properly connected to the home network.

Need for the latest driver

The latest drivers are needed to be installed for setting up the Canon ts3122 setup for example Canon IJ setup drivers. Also, you should have good internet connectivity with the help of a modem so that you can access the services properly.

The easy process of installation of the printer

Step 1

  • Firstly, you need to download the correct model drivers for the printers. Also, ensure the compatibility of the operating system version while downloading and loading it. You can take the help of a website named ij.start.canon ts3122.

Step 2

  • Now you need to make a double-click on it to start with the installation process canon pixma ts3122 setup. You need to select the option of a “wireless connection’ from the screen where it is indicated to select a method for connecting the printer. If you have a wired connection you need to choose the USB connection option.

Step 3

  •  You need to switch on the Canon printer and check the proper connections to ensure the best connectivity with the power outlet.

Step 4

  • After ensuring that the power lamp is properly lit, the next step is to head the printer’s setup button which is easily identifiable.

Step 5

  • As soon as this setup menu opens up, you need to make the selection of the wireless LAN setup and for that, you can take the help of navigation keys.

Step 6

  • After the selection is made you need to press the OK button.

Step 7

  • Now you need to make another selection of Other Setup when the list of multiple options is presented to you by the wireless LAN setup Dropbox.

Step 8

  • Again, you need to press the OK button. Now you will be provided with the two different methods and out of which you have to make the selection of cableless setup and then again, proceed with pressing the OK button.

Step 9

  • Now you are ready for making the wireless LAN connection for the Canon Pixma ts3122 printer setup by making the selection of a cableless setup.

Step 10

  • Now you have to open the website by typing >https://ijstartcanonx.com/ in the desired web browser.

Step 11

  • Now you can see the link of the ts3122 setup and following that, you need to click on the same.

Step 12

  • The product selection screen will be visible in front of you where you have to type in the box- Canon Pixma MX492 Printer. The box is provided at the top corner and make a selection of GO after typing the printer name.

Step 13

  • Now you will be prompted to make the selection of your own region on the very next page. So be crystal clear in specifying the exact region.

Step 14

  • The next screen will direct you to a page where you have to press the button name download.

Step 15

  • You need to wait for some time for the downloading process and when the process gets over, finally proceed with double-clicking the downloaded .dmg file.

Step 16

  • The Automatic setup will start and now one by one, we have to follow the instructions visible on the screen.

Step 17

  • In the next window, you can verify the details of the selected printer and make a selection of the NEXT button.

Step 18

  • You can choose the desired wireless LAN connection when the window makes a prompt of asking you to the best-suited connection method from the options available.

Step 19

  • After the selection of the wireless LAN connection method, you need to make another selection for connecting via a wireless router.

Step 20

  • You need to click the NEXT button after the verification of the available printer on the network.

Step 21

  • The next step will again direct you to make the selection of the setup procedure and simply select the cableless setup option.

Step 22

  • You need to click the NEXT button again after you have the software lists for the installation process.

Step 23

  • This step will begin the process of installation of ts3122 setup for your Canon Pixma printer and after few minutes you need to fulfill the on-screen.

Step 24

  • Proceed with clicking the complete button after ensuring the completion of the setup. Press the NEXT button after the confirmation of the setup completion.

Step 25

  • Now you have to go through the details for the extended server program which will seek your permission to move ahead. It is your choice that you agree or disagree with the same.

Step 26

  • Now you can see the window named Test Print Window. For the proper connection and details of the operation of the printer, the test will make the verification process.

Step 27

  • Finally, you can fix the plane paper and proceed with the clicking of the execute button visible on the screen of your computer. Then after clicking the next button the process of installation gets completed.

Step 28

  • At last, you can click the exit button that confirms the installation process of Canonts3122 printer setup.

Parting tips

This digital peace has guided you in all the respect in setting up the Canon Pixma printer. Hope the explanation is conveyed in an understandable manner and you won’t face any issues regarding the setup understanding and its installation.