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Canon Pixma Mg2522 Setup | Install Canon MG2522 Printer

How to Configuration CANON PIXMA MG2522 PRINTER?

Canon is one of the world’s largest multinationals and one of the most reliable firms. It is a Japanese company known for its state-of-the-art and creative imaging devices. The product line covers a number of tools, cameras, printers, scanners, lenses, and many more.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer is one of Canon’s most impressive products. It is an excellent printer for those wanting an inexpensive, but a high-quality printer that meets the requirements of home printing. It is an inkjet printer capable of scanning and copying documents as well.

In addition, the configuration is very simple. However, in order to make this easier, the Canon Pixma MG2522 has been step-by-step configured on Windows and Mac computers. Both users are therefore urged to follow the directions below to customize the printer quickly.

Linked to a Wi-Fi router the Canon MG2522 printer

It must be wired to the device’s same Wi-Fi network (PC, tablet, etc.) to connect the printer wirelessly. Both users can follow the following steps for connecting their printers to Wi-Fi:-

  • Switch on the printer and the Wi-Fi router first.
  • Tap and hold the Wi-Fi button until you appear to blink the Wi-Fi lamp.
  • Now on the printer click on the “On” button and press the Wi-Fi button again and wait for network lightning to blink.
  • The MG2522 will then sense the Wi-Fi system. The Wi-Fi lamp begins flashing in blue after the Wi-Fi connection has been forming.
  • Therefore, the users have successfully formed the link after all the steps listed above.

Wirelessly installing Canon Pixma MG2522 Setup for Windows

In this chapter, we will include the instructions for the installation, on the Windows PC, of the Canon Pixma MG2522 wireless printer.

  • First of all, users have to turn on their Wi-Fi and PC Pixma MG2522.
  • Then link the printer to the Wi-Fi network by following the above steps.
  • Note: users must ensure the same network is connected to their print and Windows PCs.
  • Go to the address bar and open the Web browser.
  • Enter “canon.com/ijsetup” here, then hit the “Enter” button.
  • Click on the tab “Set up.” The consumers are forwarded to the website that follows.
  • After that, in the search bar, enter “Pixma MG2522” and tap “Go.”
  • Tap on the Canon Printer Drivers Update button for “.exe” file download.
  • Users are urged to double click upon the file until the update is finished.
  • Afterward, the uses should be pursued to complete the installation phase by the prompts on the computer.
  • Then on Windows click “Start” and go to the “Command Panel.”
  • The users would then have to press on the “Gerät and Printer” icon.
  • The “Add Printer” tab is then chosen.
  • Note: the installed printer list will be opened here. Users are advised to pick their “Pixma MG2522” printer type, press next and wait a few seconds.
  • The printer is then attached successfully to and ready for use with the Windows system.

The process to configure MG2522 Wireless printer on Mac

Here are the simple steps for connecting the Canon MG2522 to MAC devices:-

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi and the MAC computer printing machine first.
  • Then, Pixma MG2522 is linked to the Wi-Fi network by following the first portion of the blog’s guidance.
  • Now enter “canon.com/ijsetup” in the address bar to open the web browser.
  • After that, after finishing the update, users are advised to obey the on-screen directions.
  • Go to the menu ‘Apple’ and click on the choice ‘Method and Desire.’
  • Now pick the alternative ‘Printer and Scanner’ and press the ‘+’ sign.
  • The list of linked printers would then be shown. Users must pick Canon Pixma MG2522 in this case and click on the ‘Add’ option.
  • The printer is then successfully attached to the MAC computer after all the steps have been taken.

Users will connect their Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Printer to Windows or Mac computers without any problems by implementing all of the above measures and procedures.