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How to fix the Canon Printer E5 Error Message | ijstartcanonn.us

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Canon E5 Printer Mistake happens when an ink cartridge malfunction arises. In general, when the ink cartridges built in your printer are not identifiable, the canon ts3122 error codes will be shown to you. There can be many explanations for this mistake such as incorrect ink cartridge installation, unclean printer, etc. Regardless of the cause, correcting the mistake immediately becomes necessary. Take the troubleshooting procedures below to fix the canon ts3122 error codes.

Install Ink Cartridge correctly

If the ink cartridge is not mounted correctly, the Canon E5 message will be displayed on monitor. To fix the bug, try deleting and reinstalling the whole income cartridge from the printer. Ignore the instructions below to reinstall the ink cartridge. Make sure that you observe every move closely to successfully correct the mistake.

  • Turn your printer off first and detach your power cable.
  • You would then delete the printer’s records.
  • Send the production paper tray to your printer and Extension.
  • Enable the cover more.
  • This will start pushing cartridges. Don’t hit them when they pass.
  • Then eject the cartridges and remove the safety tapes.
  • Look now and open the ink cartridge entrance door.
  • Then, inject the ink into the cartridge with your respective slots by matching the ink cartridge shade. You must keep the ink from your hand and press the ink into the empty slots as you inject it.
  • Close the entrance door after loading the ink.
  • Now the ink cartridges have to be put back into the unit.
  • Finally, switching on the printer by pressing the power button.

Check whether the mistake continues or not after the ink has been filled. If the error has not been corrected yet, try another move to address the mistake.

Properly Clean Printer

Often, if the printer is dusty, Canon displays an E5 mistake. This can be caused by the unnecessary leaking of dye. You therefore ought to remember to accurately clean the printer. By following the directions you can correctly clean the printer. You need to use the printer’s self-cleaning feature before you start cleaning the printer. Try to do it manually if it doesn’t help.

To fix the mistake, a few critical places must be concentrated on cleaning up, such as print head, ribbon, ink storage, and stabilizer bar.

Many HP printers have printed heads on the ink cartridges which have to be carefully washed. To purify them:

Disable the ink cartridges.

  • Pick up a fabric bit.
  • Fill the towel with some isopropyl alcohol.
  • Rub the rag on your head softly now. To clean the printer’s heads right, rub the cloth many times.


You must clean the ribbons after washing the printer heads. Take the tissue and sprinkle a cleaner window on it. Then clean the ribbon behind the cartouche pan. You ought to be very vigilant when washing the ribbons and it is very difficult to reconnect after the ribbon is separated from the printer.

Ink Reservoir

At the bottom of the ink, the cartridge plate is the Ink reservoir. Take alcohol on a cotton swab to disinfect it, and attempt to thoroughly and carefully clean it.

Bar with Stabilizer

Finally, the Stabilizer Bar must be washed. The tin cartridge plate slides on this channel. This bar is used to clear up the noise reduction and to correct the mistake. The computer or printer oil will clean it. Clean it with a piece of tissue and place some gouts on the stabilizer strip.

In addition, the pickup rollers can also be attempted to scrub. At the back of the printer, you will find these rollers. Try using the printer and check if the mistake has been fixed or not after the cleaning process is complete.

Reset the Counter of Printer

The resetting of the printer counter can be an alternate way to help you overcome canon E5. This includes close control of the operation.

  • Switch the printer off by clicking the power button, first and foremost.
  • After that, the “Resume” button needs to be taped and clicked.
  • Keep the “Power” button even when holding the Resume key.
  • This should light the green LED light.
  • Try to retain the power button. In the meanwhile, the ‘Resume’ button has to be released and twice pressed. The green light will become amber and the green hue again.
  • Now, the “Power” button needs to be released slowly.
  • After that, press four times on the “Resume” button. To confirm the selected operation, click the “Power” button immediately.
  • Click the power button to stop the printer.
  • Switch on the printer then.

These are the simple troubleshooting steps to fix the canon mg3600 not responding mistake. You must diligently and step by step observe each protocol.