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Canon Printer Connect with wifi | Wireless setup TS3122

How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi?

Standard Configuration Method

  • This is the standard procedure for the Canon installation process, in which the Printer is configured with the Network.
  • The most recent update of the compatible driver is expected to be downloaded from the official Canon Configuration website. Otherwise, just put the Installation CD on the disc of your machine.
  • Switch your computer, router, and printer on to start the operation. Link the device to the network you intend to connect to the printer.
  • Double-click the driver or icon downloaded in your CD-drive on your computer.
  • Then on the following Security Prompt, you need to press “Run.”
  • The original installer window would then be shown. To link Canon Printer to WiFi, you must press ‘Next’ here.
  • This will display the “Connection Selection Method” pane. Therefore click on “Network Connection,”
  • Click on “Wireless Connection” and link the Canon Printer to WiFi afterward.
  • Then, the Canon Printer would be recommended for you to turn it on. Ensure it as such. Confirm that the Power Lamp Printer is stable and lit. If this is not the case, however. Turn it on then. Hit the “Power / ON.” toggle.
  • Tap on “Next” afterward.
  • The window “Setup Selection of Procedures” would open as a result. The “WPS” or “Cableless Settings” system as per your Printer and Router infrastructure must be chosen here. However, “Cableless Setup” is preferred, since in most circumstances it works.
  • Access the Control Panel for your Printer now. Here, press the WiFi button and keep it until the “Power Lamp” blinks 2 times. Then release it, release it.
  • Return to the computer screen afterward. You can click on “Next” in the corresponding window of the Installation Wizard if the last move is completed correctly. Click on “Restart” else the last move will be repeated.
  • The effect is that the blue “WiFi Lamp” of your printer continues to flash. Yet the “power lamp” stays steady and luminous. Therefore, to launch the Configuration process, press “Next.”
  • It will now take a while for this operation. Furthermore, Internet Access is temporarily disconnected. So wait until the settings are over.
  • Tap on ‘pick your place of residence’ and click on ‘Next.’
  • Next, pick your country carefully. Tap on ‘Next,’ then.
  • Then click on “Select All” to select all the apps, or select the available software from the list individually.
  1. The following window shows the required hard disc detail. Check it and press Next. Check it.
  2. Read the terms carefully on the accompanying “License Agreement” window. Select ‘Yeah,’ then.
  3. Then, on the Firewall Settings window, press “Next.”
  4. As a consequence, the printer is sensed and linked. However, by pressing “Redetect,” it could be appropriate to replicate the procedure many times. Nevertheless, if the setup ever fails. Then operate ‘Settings of the Printer Search’ and check print. Repeat the whole process if the printer has a false network connection.
  5. Finally, on the “Setup Completion” window, check the printer’s “Model Number” and “Network SSID (Name). Click the “Full” tab.
  6. Complete the “Print Head Alignment Recommended,” “User Register” and “Extended Survey Program.” prompts on the computer.
  7. Click “Exit” to end.

Process of WPS push-button

  • Switch the Printer and Modem on first. First of all.
  • Now, come to the Control Panel of your Printer. A Wireless button is available here.
  • Keep the button Wireless before the accompanying light blinks. Then release it, release it.
  • As a result, the light indicator turns blue.
  • Then you access the WPS push button of your Router. Click and keep this button afterward. The last move does not exceed 2 minutes by pressing the button here.
  • The Light Indicator of your Printer will therefore begin to flash. It then locates the available networks in its range.
  • Your Power Lamp would then also appear to light with the indicator lamp. Printer develops a partnership with the network, in other words. Wait for the relation, therefore. Wait until the two lights avoid blinding. But they will continue to be lit and stable.
  • Switch the Canon Printer and Router on, to begin with.
  • Then go to the Printer Control Panel.
  • On your home screen, check the “Setup” icon. And open the “Setup Menu,”.
  • Choose “Settings for Device.” Select “OK” then.
  • Next, select “LAN Settings.” Select “Ok” then.
  • Then pick “Wireless LAN” and “OK” on your link mode.
  • Select the “Wireless LAN Configuration” option after that. Select “OK” then.
  • Then, on the following window, select the “Wireless Setup Method.” Click the “OK” button afterward.
  • As a consequence, Canon setup wireless printers. It takes time, though. It would also temporarily deactivate the network. Wait until the connection is fully finished.

Process for canon ts3122 manual Connection

  • Switch the Printer and Modem on first. First of all.
  • Then go to the Control Panel of the Printer and open your home monitor.
  • Check the Wi-Fi button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap to Canon Printer’s WiFi link.
  • The Simple Network Info window would then be shown. Tap ‘LAN Settings’ for this reason.
  • Now follow the procedure “Manual Connect” > “Wireless LAN Setup” > “Connect Manual.”
  • The Canon Printer would then continue to check for Wi-Fi connections within the selection available.
  • A list of available networks will be given in the following window. Choose the best “Wi-Fi network.”
  • Enter the WiFi network’s Authentication Password. Click on the button “OK.”
  • As a consequence, Canon Printer is linked to WiFi which takes time. Therefore, wait until the connection is completed.
  • Finally, tap on the “OK” tab from the window “Full WiFi Setup.”

Direct Wi-Fi connection

  • Switch the Canon Printer and Router on, to begin with.
  • Then go to the Printer Control Panel.
  • The “Wifi Direct” button should be placed here. Click the button now and keep it. Only when your Warning Light lights, do you unlock it.
  • Test the Printer’s Monitor Screen with the ‘Wireless’ and ‘Horizontal’ Bars’ symbol.
  • Head to the router now. Then hit the WPS button and press it. In 2 minutes from the last move, it should be finished.
  • At this point, your Printer Control Panel starts flickering with the “Wireless” icon and “Horizontal Bars.” The Printer is looking for the WiFi networks open.

This is the complete steps to setup wifi on a Canon printer.