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Download and Install Canon Drivers and Software | Pixma Printer Support

How canon ij setup download

To suit the printing specifications, Canon Printer must be properly calibrated, assembled, and attached to desktop computers. Downloading Canon Printer Driver is quick, fast, and convenient, which requires little technical expertise. However, for Canon Printer Driver Download you must keep a few items in mind.

  • The designated drivers and tools must be installed to work with them.
  • Instead of every other person, you can log into your machine as an administrator.

Often multiple people use computers. Computer space is then separated into parts for a single person. An administrator is a primary user with full control over the system. Therefore, if you plan to make improvements or update or upgrade applications to your device, you can always log in as an administrator.

Canon Driver Download processes

You must be sure that you have the downloaded CD handy to download the Canon Printer Driver quickly and conveniently before going on to the actual process. The system drivers are typically stored on the installation CD. This program CD is normally included with the printer kit. You don’t need to stress if you don’t have the Installation CD. You may have missed or lost it. It’s true. Even if you have the CD, the operating system won’t work. As such, the Canon Printer Driver Download alternative option should be chosen.

Canon ij setup download via CD Driver

Insert the CD

Install the Installation/Driver CD in the PC Drive to launch the Canon Printer Driver Update. You can immediately open the driver register. You may otherwise view it from the My Machine folder in your system. Open the folder for My Computer. On your screen, you can conveniently locate it. There are many choices in this browser. Double-click on the CD drive. Click on the Setup or Install file when the CD Drive folder is opened.

Click on Download

This opens the box for installing the canon ij setup. It is labeled with the tab Download or Upgrades. Tap the Download/Setup button illuminated.

Save location

To complete the download, obey on-screen directions. If you use browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 or later, you will want to save options. Pick the Save As option and assign a position on your device.

Web-based download

Collect required details

We need to have some useful knowledge with us before we start installing the Canon Printer Engine.

  • Please remember your printer’s product form, serial name, and model number.
  • Enter the name and version of the operating system of your machine.

Open Browser

It’s straightforward. Next, your favorite internet browser needs to be opened. You have to look at the screen’s taskbar. There is a list of different icons at the bottom of the page. Maybe you’ve got your browser here. That may be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. To open it, you must press. If you can’t see it on your desktop, look for it. On your screen, you will find it. Possibly you’d have Safari as your browser if you had a Mac setup. You can locate it at the top of your screen using the different icons.

Open Canon Website

Look at your browser’s very end. The length of the screen is expanded by a long strip. This is the address bar in your browser. Now you have to type in this address bar at canon.com/ijsetup or download.canon This helps you to access the official Canon Driver download website.

Go To Setup

The left side of the page should look here. A highlighted Configuration tab will be open. This is the connection for installing the Canon Printer Engine. You must follow this link to begin the process for canon ij setup download. Click the Configuration key, therefore.

Install the Canon Printer Driver on-screen instructions:

The connect and directions to complete the Canon Printer Driver Download should be followed.

Look for the model of your printer

You should be very vigilant now. Take notice of the Printer Style of your Canon. On your printer, it can be found graved. Or else you should look at the box for the printer. The printer Invoice helps you to also try it out. It is quick to remember. It is made up of a range of names such as PIXMA, LASER, MAXIFY, etc. The name of the sequence is accompanied by an alphanumeric character set, the model number. You can pick your type by searching the list of all models. In the Oder in the search bar of this page, you can type and press Go in the name of your model.

Choose your area

A drop-down menu showing a number of different regions will be shown next screen. Your area should be clearly defined here.

Join your country

You can select your country of residence on the following screen. Again, this will be a menu that will be shown in different countries of the given region. You must make the correct choice.

Choose your OS(Operating System)

Download the Canon Printer Driver depending on your OS. For various operating systems, drivers or applications are different. The incorrect download of the Canon Printer Driver can impede your printer’s efficiency. It will affect the printing system irreversibly. Therefore, ensuring that the right drivers are downloaded is highly necessary. Therefore, correctly pick the operating system. Windows or Mac will be available. In addition, the version of the operating system must be vigilant here. Various models of Operating Systems are available. In Windows, for example, 8.0, 8.1, 10, etc. can be used. Likewise, in several versions, Mac is available. This knowledge should be very special to you. This knowledge can easily be found on your system. To find the OS version, follow these basic steps.

Find the version of your OS

Check the computer for the Start Menu. This is a tab in the far right corner of the taskbar. At the very bottom of the screen, you will see the taskbar. You can conveniently find the Start Menu tab. It’s the Windows symbol tab. Open the Start Menu with a click on it. This opens a new window. Check the Screen tab now. It’s going to be on the left of the screen. Tap the Screen tab right-click. This opens a multi-option pop-up window. See the very beginning of this list. The Properties alternative is open.

Tap on the List of Properties. This unlocks the Assets window. Information on your machine and operating system details can be found here. The Operating System and its version are the first details on this page. You ought to take a good note of that.

Users of Mac can find OS info conveniently as well. The very top of your computer should be looked at. Head to the far left corner of the screen now. There’s an Apple symbol here. The Apple button must be pressed. A pop-up menu with many choices is opened. “About this Mac” is in the very first tab. Click it.  Another window is now opened. It shows all the Mac device details you are running. As the very first stuff, you can see your operating system specifics.

This is the version’s name for the OS. OS X Yosemite(10.10), OS X Mavericks(10.9), OS X Lion X (10.8), OS X Lion X Leopard (10.7), OS X Snow Leopard(10.6) etc. The OS variant in use is seen in the bracket. So you will still have access to your OS and device information in this way.

Since the operating system has been properly chosen and the last move is a variant. You are then forwarded to the download connection that you specify for your printer and OS. A “download” tab for the Canon Printer Driver Download can be found here. Here.

Click Download 

You are about to complete the update of the Canon Printer Driver until you’re on the Download page. Tap the “Download” button highlighted.

Wait to be downloaded

The device will continue with the downloading of the Canon Printer Driver. Due to the downloading of the drivers. You ought however to wait patiently for it. Canon Printer Driver Download can take several minutes. The machine does the download itself, however. You have to make sure that your machine stays on all the Canon Printer Driver downloads.

Unzip the folder of the software

You would be zipping your downloaded file while you are on Windows OS. You can then unlock the password before you can open the file. You should unzip the file quite easily. Click the downloaded folder double-click. Double click on the configuration file afterward. If asked, press Ok. You are advised to choose a venue after this. Here to unpack the file now press Extract. The Canon Printer Driver Download will be finished. The installation will now be continued