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Canon Printer Software

Canon Printer Software Download

Do you want to make your avant-garde Canon Printers for its engaging user experience? Download the canon drivers software, which is a surprisingly notable stage in this aspect.

Canon Driver Download Via Official Website

If you want to download a Canon Printer Software, then the most popular and efficient method for doing this is downloading it through its official website. This process is speedy and user-friendly that doesn’t need any professional expertise. And, if you are doing this for a MAC Device, this will remain the only option available for you. 

Though, ahead of moving forward towards the actual process, it is necessary to get some valuable details. In other terms, here we are providing you with the necessary information that will help you to start your downloading procedure canon scanner software.

  • First and foremost, you should keep in mind the thighs you will need when you start your canon driver download, such as the Product Type of your Printer, its Model Number, and its Series Name. Check the front or sides of your printer machine for getting all these details. You can also check for the details on the Printer Packaging, as all the details are also available there. Along with that, you have one more option for this to check your Printer’s Invoice.
  • Simultaneously with the information of your canon printer, you will also require the details of your computer’s Operating System. In this, you will need your System’s Operating System name and it’s Version.

Fast and Helpful Downloading Procedure

Find A Browser

First of all, you will require an Internet Browser to visit any website. It’s a software application used for getting any sort of data or information across the World Wide Web Network. When you seek to reach any Webpage of a particular website, then this application will help you fetch the content you want from a particular website’s web server. Consequently, it prompts that webpage on your device’s screen. In other terms, it enables you to get access to various websites.


There is a number of Internet Browsers up for grabs out there, i.e., Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and Apple’s Safari. Your PC may already have at least one of these installed. If you see at the extreme bottom of your device’s screen, then you will get a list of icons on the left-hand side. This will hold your Browser icon for the available possibilities. To move forward towards the downloading process canon printers drivers, click any one of them. It will open up the coveted Internet Browser. Though, if you can’t find it here, then go to look over in your Desktop for it.

For Mac users, the only available option is Apple’s Safari. Yet, it is also available at the “Taskbar” of your device. Here the Taskbar is available at the upper section of your device Screen. And to open the Browser, click on the corresponding icon, i.e., on the logo of Safari.

Visit The Canon’s Official Website

As described before, your device’s Internet Browser will assist you in acquiring the needed canon driver download website. Hence, move forward by entering the URL in the address bar of your device’s browser. Or, in other words, move towards the head of the browser’s window. You will see an extended text bar moving across its length. Now, put the cursor above it and click. After this, write down the exact URL, i.e., “usa.canon.com”. Next, hit the enter button on your keyboard that will lead you to its official website.

Get To Its “Support” Webpage

Hold on till the webpage of your canon drivers loads fully. After this, at the top section of this canon printers window, you will see some buttons that are available to reach its different web pages. Out of these tabs, one will show the “Support”. You have to click on this link. It will aid you in obtaining the Support Menu box of canon drivers software download. Therefore, click on this tab.

Pick Drivers & Downloads

This Support Menu box will provide you multiple support alternatives for your Canon Products. For example, canon printers drivers & Downloads, Support Home, Manuals, About Support, Canon Professional Services (CPS), Service & Repair, etc. Here, you have to go for the “Drivers & Downloads” tab.

Find The Model Number Of Canon Printer

This stage is the most crucial in downloading process. As it requires your thoroughgoing consideration. Ahead of commencing this procedure, you need to collect some details of your canon printer, such as its Model Number. But if you can’t able find it out before, and then you can also get it from the front or the sides of your Printer. Or you can check your Printer Package or Invoice.

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You can simply recognize the Model Number of your Printer, which holds a series of alphanumeric characters. This Model Number follows a quickly noticeable Series Name. For example, LASER, PIXMA, MAXIFY, SELPHY, etc.

Now, enter the model number in the search option that is given on the webpage. Be sure to insert it accurately. Then click on the “Go” tab in addition to the search bar. Further, it gives you a complete list of all the Canon products. So, in the first step, you choose your product type. Differently, click on the Printer tab. After that, you will find all the convenient printer models under the different series names. Consequently, pick the exact printer model number. 

Visit The “Drivers & Downloads”

The window proffers you connections to access various web pages for your chosen printer model number, for example, Canon printer drivers and downloads, service requirements, manuals, and many more. Therefore, select the options canon printers drivers and downloads.

Select The “Language”

First, click the drop-down box next to the language button. Now, get a proper selection according to your choice. The subsequent descriptions of the canon scanner software, also its setup files, and you should carefully install the canon scanner software will be accessible in this chosen language.

Pick The Correct “Operating System”

In addition to the language drop-down box, it also asks for your device’s OS details. For example, click on the particular drop-down box. Next, select the OS utilized by your device. This is extremely important to understand that your Driver Package and its Installation process differ based on your device’s OS.

Choose The Software Category

Additionally, this window will provide you with various options for Canon printer software. To put it another way, you’ll see buttons for drivers, firmware, software, utilities, and SDKs. These are the different levels of software needed for the excellent functioning of your printer. As a result, you can choose any of the proffered sections. Though, it is the best application to download the entire driver package. This package is accessible under the driver’s section. Therefore, OPT puts it above another option.

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 Click “Select”

As soon as you select the driver’s part, it brings up every Canon printer software available to download. To put it another way, you may get different driver software choices. So, you have to look for the overall canon driver setup package. Next, click on the select button after the chosen option. It will increase its menu box that presents all the required aspects of the driver pack.

Check The Details Again

This window provides you the Canon printer software’s complete package size, among other aspects. It is necessary while you must have enough hard disk space in your system to download this software. Therefore, review it carefully with additional information. Further, it also gives you a link to obtain a complete set of guidelines. Consequently, you can tap on the particular link to acquire a clear perception of the required process.

Start The Downloading Procedure

Besides all the required details, this page also gives a reliable link to download Canon printer software on your device. To put it another way, find the download tab. Now, click on this button to start the downloading procedure.

Choose The Options For Your Setup File

When you select the download option to start the required process, it will come up as a pop-up window on the screen. You may get some options as per your browsers like Run and Save, Save As, and many more. You may receive this page only when your device is not fixed in the default download place. Though, generally, your device has located in a pre-specified download folder. As such, you will not perceive this choice.

Although, if you have this option. Next, you have to save the downloaded software file in the selected folder. Thus, just click on the save as option, which is present on the screen. After that, click on the Browse button to open the file of your device. Next, choose the device location of your preference.

Hold On

The final step will begin the downloading procedure for the chosen Canon printer software. Though, this procedure may take few times to complete the process. So you have to wait patiently for the finish of this process.