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CanonScan Driver

DOWNLOAD NOW – Driver Update tool for official Canon hardware drivers – Free Scan

Re-Installed Windows? New Windows Version? Enjoy a Smooth & Easy Upgrade!

Within just a few seconds – Driver Genius will be able to scan your PC and search for the most current, Official CanonScan driver available – Regardless of your version of Windows.

Important Information About Your Canon Printer

The most common problem found with Canon printers are caused by issues with the printer driver. These problems can occur at any time, and cause the computer or your Canon to act erratically. Surprisingly enough, installing the correct and updated Canon Printer Driver is enough to solve most printer problems. Canon’s technical support advises printer owners to only install most recent, genuine device driver to their PC’s.

What Is A Canon Printer Driver?

Canon has coupled each printer that it produces with a program called a “Printer Driver” This little program is what helps the printer to communicate with your computer’s operating system (Windows). When you hit the Print Button, detailed instructions are sent to your Canon Printer via the printer driver. Because this is such a precise job, each Cannon printer model has its own very specific printer driver associated with it. Using the wrong device driver would result in computer failure, printer failure, wasting of ink, or other unnecessary printing issues.

What If My Canon Printer Driver Is Not Current?

The programming team at Canon is constantly updating their device drivers to stay ahead of any issues that may occur. Canon compiles their bug reports and reported security vulnerabilities and fixes any problems in the form of a printer driver update. By not staying updated, you are putting your computer’s security at risk and also risking printer performance. While it is difficult to always be sure that you are running the most recent Canon printer driver, using software like Driver Genius can automate this process for you. This software will scan for the most recent Canon Printer Driver and continue to keep you updated for as long as you keep the software.

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How Do I Avoid Problems With My Canon Printer?

According to Canon, the best way to avoid printer problems is by ensuring that you always have the most current Canon printer driver installed on your computer. Even when you install a new Canon printer you must update the device drivers. The drivers provided with the Canon printer are normally out dated by the time the printer hits the shelves and need to be updated.

The easiest way to avoid future problems with a Canon printer is by making use of software like Driver Genius. Driver Genius will regularly scan your PC and determine the printer driver that you currently have installed. If it is not correct or current, driver genius will provide you with the appropriate printer driver automatically. Driver Genius does not require any technical computer knowledge and will do all of the work for you.

How Do I Fix Problems With My Canon Printer?

The most common reason for a Canon printer to fail is due to a printer driver ever. This can cause your printer to cease functioning or your PC to freeze completely. Printer drivers can actually cause your computer to act in the strangest ways. There are many reasons why a device driver could fail, but the solution is the same for all of them.

We suggest that you use driver genius to scan your PC and determine the correct printer driver for your Canon. Driver genius will save you hours of frustration and wasted time by automatically installing the correct printer driver that matches your version of Windows and your type of Canon instantly. The entire process will take only a few minutes, and then your printer will once again be running perfectly.

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Use Official Canon Drivers Only

it is important to realize that dubious programmers are capable of hiding viruses and malware inside of printer drivers. It you do not install official Canon drivers; there is a good chance that a harmful virus is on your PC. Even the most legitimate looking websites may contain drivers that are actually viruses, as this is a very common activity. Driver genius eliminates any fear of this by providing only official Canon drivers.


Canon Photo Inkjet Printers

Canon’s photo inkjet printer is probably the most popular type amongst home PC users. This is probably because of the versatility that it allows. One can print beautiful quality photos as well as high quality document printing. There are several different Canon photo inkjet printers available ranging from regular, professional, commercial, and graphic art. Because each model has its own specific device driver associated with it, we recommend using Driver Genius to scan your PC for the best matching Canon printer driver.

Canon All-In-One Inkjet Printers

Canon’s all in one inkjet printer gives you the freedom to copy, scan, fax and print documents all from one machine. Because Canon provides several hundred multifunctional printer drivers, finding the perfect match is not always that easy. This is why we suggest that you use Driver Genius to automate everything. This software will scan your PC and determine the appropriately matching driver for your Canon Printer.

Canon Wireless Printer

Canon’s latest creation is a wireless printer that run’s on WI / FI technology. This is used by home and business users alike. Because of the complexity of this technology, Canon is constantly upgrading and patching bugs as they pop up. Be sure to update your Wireless Printer device drivers regularly to take advantage of any solutions that Canon creates. This can be automated by using Driver Genius. Driver Genius will regularly scan your PC for the most recent Canon Wireless Printer driver and update it when necessary.

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BOTTOM LINE – Why Do I Need Driver Genius for My Canon Printer?

  1. Immediate Increase In Canon Performance & Stability
    By installing the most current Canon Printer Driver on your system, you are taking advantage of the many performance increases and bug fixes provided in Canon’s updates. Don’t risk system crashes and printer failure – Scan your system with Driver Genius Today!
  2. Tested & Proven To Work
    Driver Genius has gone through rigorous testing and proven itself to be the best in the industry. We regularly receive great reviews from Canon users and independent testing agencies. Driver Genius Is Recommended By Websites like: Tucows – Onekit – Avanquest – GeekFiles – Softpedia – SubmitFile – BumperSoft and more…
  3. Safe To Use
    Driver Genius is careful to only use authentic printer drivers provided by Canon. When you use printer drivers that are not genuine, you risk the security of your computer and the performance of your printer.