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Canon Pixma G3000 Printer | Driver Setup Download

Download Canon Pixma G3000

Install Canon G3000 driver First Time Configuration

Wireless network access to the printer

  1. Firstly, full the hardware of the printer. Place the sample and the ink in the printer.
  2. Just hit the power switch on the operating screen of the printer when the hardware initialization of the printer is done.
  3. You must then press and save the Wireless icon before the light flashes on the device. This Wireless key and lamp can be seen on the running screen.
  4. Click on the WiFi button and click on the Color button.
  5. Make sure the light blows fast as well as the light is lit.
  6. You should then validate the printer relationship with the wifi connection.

For attachment, a minimum of Two A-4 sheets must be put in the print head.

  1. You must press and hold the Wifi icon until the light once lights up.
  2. Once again, press the Wifi icon.
  3. You will then print the data transmission column.
  4. You must search the connection printed in the connection info.

Active and the proper SSID connection wireless connection name should be included in the connection.

  1. This successfully completes the printer initialization process. You can download and update the printer software now.

Download the new driver for Printer Garmin 3000 manual

  • Enable the internet browser of the user next.
  • Go to the official website g3000 Set-up page by entering ijstartcanonx.com in the search box.
  • To enter the printing engine’s settings tab, you have to tap on the Set Up icon. This choice is available at the right of the screen.
  • Now you can see the window of the commodity range. You must supply your product model in the required region, G3000
  • After that, press the Go icon.
  • You will then download it to the driver’s computer.
  • Furthermore, it is important to select the desired OS.

This alternative is found at the top right side. Click the twisted triangle and the matching OS from the down view must be chosen.

  • Once you have selected it, you will get a download page. Click the “Download” key from the center of the screen.
  • This will start the download process for your driver.
  • During the transfer process, a pop-up is shown for saving the file, choosing the downloading address, etc. Obey on display prompts to install the download process.
  • Ok, wait until your driver has been downloaded well.
  • After the upgrade process has been successfully completed you will continue to the setup.
  • Before you launch, make sure you connect the computer to the same wifi router as either a printer.
  • Now go to the Changes directory or folder that protects the configuration file.
  • To launch the setup process, double click the downloaded settings file.
  • A drop-down box can now appear for User Profile Access.

This pop-up box looks for your system adjustment approval. To permit, press “Yes” To be allowed.

  • This transmits you to the installation assistant.
  • If possible, boost the installation language from underneath the screen by tapping on the Language key in the first window.
  • Then click at the “Begin Configuration” button to start the settings process.
  • You must then choose your nation or territory. If you do not see your nation on the chart, pick your nation and click the “Other” option.
  • When done, click Next.
  • The text on the License Agreement is also recognized by Canon.  After reading, click on the Yes key.
  • You are also asked to register for an extended security kit.

If you wish to enter, carefully check all information and press “Agree” If not, click the button “Do not agree” and proceed.

  • A firewall setup window is then shown. Choose the Deactivate block of the checkbox and press the Next icon.
  • Choose the desired printer connection process from Wifi Lan Network & USB link  Select the solution selected and press the “Next.” button.
  • When you choose Wireless LAN Communications from the next pane, you will be requested to choose among “Link Via Wifi Routers and Direct Connection” choices.

The option of a wifi connection implies linking to these. However, press and obey measures on your phone if you want to communicate directly.

  • Once you’ve selected, hit the Next button.
  • First, it is important to verify power. Ensure that the printer is successfully wired to a wifi router.
  • To shift the operation, press the Next icon.
  • This will search the g3000 printer. It could take some time. Wait until it is done. Wait until it is over.
  • Choose your preferred printer from the chart of printers accessible.
  • Tap the “Next” key after the list was made.
  • In the Print Head Orientation pane of the Next tab.
  • This terminates the printer setup. Click “Next” to launch the package.
  • Now a window is opened for the selection of software. You have to pick the software that you want to operate on your computer. Pick the “Next.” button and press it.
  • In the user registration window, you can also select the option “Next” or “Skip”
  • After the process is completed, the setup final window occurs. To leave the wizard, press “Exit” To exit the wizard.