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Failed To acquire information on the driver and software | ijstartcanonn.us

Failed to acquire information on the driver and software. Check and search again for the network link.

Network access problem troubleshooting steps

* Wired Printers *

First of all, make sure your cable is not tarnished with Ethernet (Network). Owing to the lack of a tarnished cable, you can face difficulties when you connect to a network.

Review your points of entry

  • You must search the router and ethernet cables for access points in the first place.
  • See the cables linking your modem to your printer, then search the access dots.
  • When there are faults in the cable access points, attempt to adjust the cable entirely. This helps you remove the communication error in your network.
  • Make sure that the printer and computer are correctly wired with the Ethernet cable.

To delete the network connection bug, search for these things for your wired printer.

* Wifi Printer *

Router/Modem reset.

You can attempt to restart your internet connection if your printer has Wi-Fi enabled and you face trouble with network access. This is accompanied carefully by the following measure.

  • You must disable your Modem/Router to start the operation. This means that the router/modem has to be removed from the power supply. Turn the power button off to do this.
  • Now find the plug from which to attach your router electrically. Switch off the valve to interrupt the power supply.
  • Keep a few seconds to give your computer some time.
  • You will restart your router after 15-20 seconds.
  • Link the energy supply through the power cable to your router.
  • Then turn to the router with the power button on the router.
  • Let your router recover compatibility for some time.

You can not have smooth communication because of the gap between your computer and the router. Try to switch your canon pixma tr4522 printer to the router to restore the connectivity and if this is not working then there is no ij printer driver is correctly installed to your canon mg2922 printer.

Ensure that WLAN user credentials are entered correctly

Take the steps below to verify that you are entering the right Wi-Fi name and password.

  • Make sure the canon mg2922 printer is first and foremost activated. In addition, make sure a plain paper sheet A4 or Letter is loaded.
  • You would then press the printer’s menu button.
  • Click “Canon Setup” on the icon “OK.”
  • Then click on the ‘Settings System’ key, then press the ‘Ok’ button.
  • Using the “Up/Down” arrow button to scroll into the LAN configuration. Click the “Ok” button after that.
  • To the “Ok” option scroll down and press the “Configure LAN Settings” tab. Then scroll down to the alternative “Print LAN Details.”
  • In order to start the printing process, you have to pick “Yes” and then press “Ok.”
  • See how the information on the written network. See the SSID here. Be sure that the SSID is the same as the network that you choose to connect to. If SSID is different, link your canon mg2922 printer to the right network.