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How to Repair Canon MX922 Printhead Error | Canon Printer MX922

How to Repair Canon MX922 Printhead Error?

The print head fault canon MX922 is a technical failure you will face every day. This error does not cause you to print a page and occurs again if a solution is not found. You will find it useful and easy to understand solutions in this manual.

Potential reasons for Canon MX922 Print Head Error 

  • The installed printer may not be compliant or appropriate for your MX922 printer. Your printer does not interact with the printhead when you print a page in these situations.
  • The nozzles in the printer head are choked.
  • This error will also occur if your MX922 printer model is not supplied by your cartridges.
  • The printer location shifted improperly during installation or injection of the ink cartridges.
  • If your cartridges are empty or abruptly stop operating while printing papers.
  • If a piece of paper is trapped in the printhead region, the error can be seen.
  • Often the obsolete drivers cause the Canon MX922 print head error.

Resolving Canon MX922 Print Head Error Efficient Approaches

See the following techniques for troubleshooting Canon MX922 to correct print errors easily.

Method 1: Reset Printer for Canon MX922

  • Your printing equipment is the key step. Click the ON button now and press the Pause button next to it.
  • Afterward, the Stop button must be released once, then five times pressed again.
  • Now the ON button and the LCD panel of your printer are lit up.
  • After a couple of seconds, to turn off your printer, you must press the Power button. It’s going to reset the printer.
  • Try printing a page now. If there is still an error in the Canon MX922 Print head, do the following procedure.

Method 2: Run the Cleaning process for Printhead

Cleaning Norm

  • Sign in and load one or more pages onto the printer’s panel on your MX922 printer.
  • Click the Menu button on the printer front screen. The output of the printer is illuminated.
  • Choose the alternative “Setup” and click OK. You must find the “Maintenance” alternative from the setup panel.
  • A list of multiple choices is shown. Select the Deep Cleaning option and select OK.
  • A pop-up box is shown to check that the printhead is wiped, and “Yes.”
  • The printhead will be washed up. Select Yes after you have seen the screen “Pattern Print Confirmation” and click OK.
  • The search pattern of the print head nozzle is written on a tab. When your printer screen shows the completion code, press OK.
  • Check the pattern and print accuracy of the nozzle now. If the problem is not yet solved, proceed to the next direction to correct the print head error of the Canon MX922.

Clean it manually and take the printhead out.

  • First, open your MX922 printer’s top cover. After that, the scanner unit will open and the carrier is balanced automatically.
  • You must now extract the control from the printer’s back. This will automatically shut off the printer. When you have relocated, uninstall all cartridges from your printer.
  • Then pull the printer out of the printer gently so that the cleaning process continues.
  • Take a cotton cloth and wipe all of the bits of ink on the printhead carefully.
  • Furthermore, replace it with a new one if all of the cartridges are empty.
  • You should leave it dry for a while until you see that the printing head is washed properly. Then reinstall the printhead at the designated site.
  • Insert all the cartridges, close the scanner, and then close the printer’s top cover.
  • Now, screw in the power cord and try printing the page on the printer. This will correct a mistake in the canon pixma mx922 clean printhead . If not, comply with the following procedure.

Method 3: Downloading the MX922 Printer’s new driver

The Printer driver is a print requests program that your printer gets. So you will see a print header malfunction of Canon MX922 on your LCD printer if the software gets corrupt. To fix the error, uninstall and reinstall the driver on your Mac or Windows OS.

  • Run a web explorer compatible and switch to Canon.com/Jsetup
  • MX922 input in the search bar, go, pick the “Driver & Downloads” line.
  • Make the best option for your operating system and your vocabulary. Tap “Select” and hit “Download” afterward.
  • Link your MX922 printer to your PC and approve Configuration Agreements by clicking Yes.
  • This begins with the installation of the printer driver. Try printing a page using the recently-installed printer driver until it is finished.

Hence, this completes steps of canon pixma mx922 troubleshooting.