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Windows/Mac Ij Scan Utility

Ij Scan Utility is software for Windows and Mac that can be run on both the device’s Operating systems. It is a multi-faceted device as it lets you scan both your photos and documents. This convenience software can also give you the option to customize the scan settings the way you want, i.e., color mode, data format, scan size resolution, and many more. It also holds the feature of an Auto Scan that gets all the scan settings done automatically by detecting whether a photo or document is set on the scanner glass. Here the guide will help you with installing the utility software also access the central interface to do the scanning. 

Canon Ij Scan Utility Download and Installation

You can download ij scan utility software on your system with the help of two ways. The one is with the CD, and the other one is ij scan utility download directly through the website. If you have the CD of the software, you can easily install the software by simply inserting the CD into the device on which you want to install the software. But if your service provider doesn’t give you the CD when you buy a Canon printer or scanner, then you can go another way too, i.e., download ij scan utility software. You can launch the canon assistance page for setting up the software. 

Via the Website

  1. In an accurate web browser of your device, write down usa.canon.com/support in its address bar and then click enter to start the search. This is the Canon support page URL.
  2. Now, it will ask you to provide your Canon printer or scanner device or printer model. If you get confused, you can also check or verify the model name by checking the device’s label provided at the backside of the printer.
  3. You can see the model name of your printer in the listing shown on the display once you start writing the name of your model.
  4. To move ahead, you have to click the tab that shows Drivers & Download ij scan utility. The ij scan utility software appears with an in-built package of MP drivers.
  5. Next, see the operating system chosen in the section of “Drivers & ij scan utility download”. You have to pick the correct version of your Windows if you are installing the software for your Windows. Or else can choose Mac.
  6. Now, once you select the correct version of your device, click on the canon ij scan utility download tab to move forward. This will start ij scan utility download the setup file.
  7. Next, for the installation of the software, you need to double-click on the file that will pop up the program’s main screen on the screen your device.
  8. After this, you need to establish the link between your printer or scanner and your computer, then choose the checkbox of MP drivers, it will begin the installation process. 
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Through CD

  1. Take the CD of the software provided to you by your service provider when you buy your canon printer or scanner. Now, inject it into the CD-ROM drive of your device.
  2. Immediately you will see the setup dialog box on the screen of your computer. 
  3. Now click on the Setup, and then it will display the window of the main program on your screen. 
  4. After this, you need to establish a connection between both devices. For this, take a USB cable, and connect it to your computer and Canon printer or scanner. You can also go with the wireless connection only if it gets supported by your printer.
  5. When it shows up the list of software, make sure to tick mark the MP driver’s tickbox as it holds the Canon IJ Scan Utility
  6. Click yes with your permission when the consent confirmation window pops up on your screen. By this, it will start the installation. 
  7. Click Finish when it gets done.

Launch the Main Configuration Page of Canon Ij Scan Utility


  1. Tick on Start Menu. Otherwise, you can hold the Windows tab on the keyboard.
  2. Enter the canon utilities in the find bar, and a similar file will be displayed to you on your screen.
  3. Click the down-arrow button next to the canon utility file.
  4. You will proceed to view all the canon utility software, which is previously installed along with the driver pack.
  5. Pick the ij Scan Utility, and the leading window will emerge, which contains several options like Email, Document, Auto Scan, OCR, Photo, and many more.
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  1. First, click on Go at the top of the computer screen.
  2. A list containing all possible choices will appear.
  3. Choose the applications file and every app that is installed will be displayed on your computer screen.
  4. Improve the canon utility file in the list displayed. Once you find the folder, choose it.
  5. Next, choose ij Scan Utility, and to move, you need to choose canon scan utility, Lite. In this process, you can simply launch the foremost interface of the canon printer software.

How To Use The Stitch Function To Scan The Bigger Images?

The ij Scan utility provides a stitch role that allows you to scan all the images that are larger as compared to the platen. Plus, it allows you to mix both the parts of the image also make it into an individual structure. To do this, take a glance at the steps below:

  • Launch the ij scan utility also tick on the Settings option. Fix the resolution plus item font settings to your liking. Then, click on the OK tab.
  • Now, choose the Stitch option, then the Image Stitch page will appear in view.
  • Next, you need to choose the output capacity on the basis of the paper’s size to be put on the glass.
  • To continue, put your cursor in the Scan Direction field also choose it the scan option from the left side. Immediately, put the object on the saucer with its face down.
  • Then, choose Start Scan the first image. That, it will scan half of your image that is put on the left edge of the glass.
  • Next, put the second part of the picture on the left side of the glass and then tick on the start scanning the second image option.
  • Both sides of the images are immediately scanned and you will be displayed on the screen of your device. Now, at that period you have to merge the two sides of the images.
  • So that, utilize the toolbar at the top to turn the images, move the images, and also do the zoom in or out to adjust their position.
  • While the image is merged, then click the save option.