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Installation of the Canon Pixma MG3022 | Canon Printer Support

Installation of the Canon Pixma MG3022

This digital piece will let you know about the entire scenario of how to connect canon mg 3022 printer to WIFI. In this article, you are going to learn about driver installation and how you can set up your printer with your wireless connectivity. So without further adieu let’s begin

  • To start the installation, you first need to see that your wireless router is error-free. That means it should provide a stable connection.
  • Now your printers need to plug with the power lamp. As soon as you make the connection, by pressing the power button of the printer, the power lamp will turn green. Indicating the connection has been successful.
  • Now simultaneously press the Wi-Fi button and the color button. Keep on pressing so that the network lamp will indicate a connection with a sign, which is lightning up.
  • Again keep on pressing the color button. Now you will see the WIFI light blinking continuously and the power light is already lit. When you witness these phenomena’s, you have successfully established

Steps for printer driver installation

Here we have divided the installation process of canon ij setup 3022 into two parts. The first is known as the step-up for windows and the other section is for MAC. The steps to connect the printer to windows operating systems are presented here:

Steps to connect the printer to the windows system

Step 1:  Please be very careful before you start the driver installation process. Make sure ink and paper is incorporated into the printer

Step 2:  Now you carefully insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer

Step 3: Once done, you go to my computer and you witness an option known as canon mg 3022 setup file. After opening the setup file, enter the product number of the printer known as MG3022

Step 4:  You will now be navigated to the download folder known as canon mg 3022 WIFI setup.  Click on the folder and let the application to open.   After opening the application you will get a warning sign that will ask you whether if you are ready if the printer makes changes to your system. Select yes as your answer and you are set

Step 5:  The available firewall in windows will prevent the printer setup activity. To disable the firewall and click on next.  After this, the installation will begin and now all you have to do is wait for the installation to get completed.

Steps to connect the printer to the MAC system

Step 1: As soon the printer is connected to your Mac system, you will be asked to enter your MAC administration number. Once done, tap on the install helper button

Step 2:  Now your printer setup will begin.  Choose the country of your preference and, the language you want the printer to show you, and then click on the option known as next

Step 3:  now will be asked whether you are comfortable if the printer makes changes to your computer.  Also, you will ask to participate in the printer survey program. For both click yes and proceed.

Step 4:  Now you will get an option known as add printer.  As soon as you do that, you will be asked to select your printer and you will get an installation wizard

Step 5: from this installation wizard, select the software that you want to install for your printer and you will get a confirmation message that your product is registered.

Wrapping up

Hope the information presented above and about the entire process of driver installation of canon-pixma-mg3022.  If you liked what you see, please keep visiting us, for the latest help on canon ij setup mg3022