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Using Google Cloud Print | PIXMA Printer Cloud Print Setup Guide

How To Register Printer To Google Cloud

Google Print Cloud Learn

Google Cloud Print is Google’s dedicated user service that enables you to leverage the benefits of your wireless Printer over the Cloud infrastructure of the Internet. This unique service gives you the freedom to print from any location on your Wireless Printer via a cloud-enabled device. This program works as a gateway between the World Wide Web and your Home/Work Printers. This means that you can print on your wireless printers from any location and device.

Google Cloud Print Supported Printers

As stated above, all printing devices with cloud infrastructure are supported by Google Cloud Print. This introductory feature is supported by the most recent models of leading brands such as Canon, HP, Dell, Epson, etc. You can conveniently track the compatibility of your individual Printer Model on this website.

Canon Cloud Printing Setup

Canon Pixma Printers is one of the world’s most advanced Inkjet printer devices. These sophisticated gadgets have unparalleled versatility and simple activity. It has intuitive features to give you a special experience. The connectivity with Google Cloud Print is one of the most fascinating and effective functions.

Preconditions for Cloud Print Configuration

  • Wireless Printer Canon Pixma
  • Link to the Internet (WiFi Network)
  • PC that has Google Chrome Browser pre-installed
  • Google Account Active

canon pixma mx922 google cloud print Installation Process

Google Cloud Print Configuration is fast and simple, with three separate steps involved. Link the printer and the device to a wireless network first. Then, print your Canon Pixma Printer’s Authentication URL. Fill out the registration form online.

Canon Pixma Printer Access to the WiFi network

  • Switch on the Pixma Printer Canon.
  • Create a connection between this printer and your wireless network.
  • Switch your machine on now.
  • Then link the machine to the web.Make sure the printer is linked to the same kind of laptop network.
  • Ensure that the Printer is allowed. It needs to be lit and stable with its power lamp.
  • Control Panel Solution.
  • Go to the Menu screen of his “Home.”
  • From this panel, select the “Setup” tab.
  • Now, use the “Web Server Setup” arrow keys. Click it for further advancement. Choose “OK,” then.
  • Roll down to “Additional Settings” on the following window.  Press on the “OK” tab afterwards.
  • Pick the “canon mx922 google cloud print Configuration” option afterward. Select “OK” then.
  • Choose the “Google Cloud Print Registration” option. Select “OK” then.
  • If you get the message to “Sign up with Google Cloud Print” for your permission. To validate it, click “Yes.”
  • You should set your chosen “Language” in the following browser. Therefore, make the right decision. Then, hit ‘Yes.’
  • Finally, the “authentication process” would be triggered. Make sure the printer is filled with plain white plates in A4 size before carrying out this operation. Now pick “OK” to run the operation.
  • This will allow Google Cloud Print` to print an ‘Authentication URL.’ It needs some time. Wait quietly. Wait, therefore.
  • Make sure that the text is properly printed until the required print is reached. Keep it secure as you will use it when you register online.
  • This indicates that the Printer’s Control Panel holds a confirmation letter. To finish this phase click Yes.

Online Registration

  • Join the Google Cloud Print process in order to complete this step on your device.
  • Start an available Web Browser on this device.
  • Check the printout you need during the authentication process.
  • Type the URL appropriately in the browser’s address bar. Then tap on Enter.
  • You must register for your Google account in the following browser. To do so, just enter your new Google Account E-Mail Address and Password. On the Register page, press Signin.
  • You have a Confirmation window afterward. Click on the “Download Registry” button, therefore.
  • This shows you an instant alert on your printer’s display screen. It could take a few seconds, though. To finalize your canon pixma mx922 google cloud print Configuration, click “OK.”

Device Printing

  • First of all, please be sure to “log” on your computer for your Google Account.
  • On this machine open a Web Browser.
  • Go to the homepage of Google Cloud Print Management.
  • Look at the window’s upper left corner. To print, click on the tab “Print.”
  • Choose the alternative “Upload File To Print.”
  • Click the “Select a file from my computer” icon on the accompanying popup window.
  • Pick a file with Google Cloud Print Altern. Search your machine to select a file.
  • To the selected file, press the “Open” button.
  • Choose your Canon Pixma Printer afterward.
  • To finish the operation, click on the Print key.

Google Chrome Print

  • First of all, make sure that you log in on your machine with your Google Account.
  • Start Google Chrome on this PC.
  • Open a printable text, file, page, or photograph.
  • From the left top corner, Press Page File.
  • Pick the option “Print.”
  • Tap on the drop-down box on the “Destination.” Choose then your Printer for Canon Pixma. Click on “See more” if your Printer isn’t mentioned here.
  • The Print Settings can also be modified from this browser. Therefore, make adjustments according to your desires.
  • Finally, to execute the command via Google Cloud Print on the “Print” tab.

These are the complete steps for canon mx922 google cloud print configuration.