How To Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer

Canon Printers is one of the most innovative and flexible user-ready printing devices. These state-of-the-art gadgets provide consistency, optimum productivity, and exclusive expertise in technical quality. They feature intuitive, laser-sharp features, fuelled by state-of-the-art printing. Not just that, this Chromebook Printer has excellent networking. As a consequence, it makes optimal use simpler.

In short, Print commands from any wired network system such as computers, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and Chromebooks may be used. You can add a canon printer to Chromebook through any one of usb cord or wifi networks. However, Chromebooks need an alternative networking option. You need a Google Cloud Print tool for printing with Chromebook Printer.

To say it otherwise, the conventional networking choices do not prefer Chromebook Printer. Chromebook does not explicitly link to your Canon Printer, in other words. Instead, it uses Google Cloud Print to execute the Print Command for the following generation. For this, you must set up your Chromebook for Google Cloud Print.

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Google Cloud Print is a special Google internet-based tool for its customers. It enables you to allow remote devices to expand the advantages of your wireless printers. This allows you the ability to print from any cloud-enabled computer and venue. In order to perform your Print command on your wireless printer, this platform utilizes Internet cloud technology. It increases Wi-Fi-enabled Printing Devices’ capabilities.

how to connect a canon printer to a chromebook


  • Online connectivity(WiFi)
  • The same connection that is linked to your Canon Printer must be connected to Chromebook.
  • The new update of the Web Browser is needed for your device.
  • Visible Google Account

Method of Configuration

  • Switch On either the Computer or Printer.
  • Be sure that they both have the same connection safely attached.
  • Reach the printer’s control center. Drag up your Home Screen then.
  • Check for the option “Installing Proxy Server.” Click it. Choose OK then.
  • Click “Additional Settings.” Select OK, then.
  • After that, pick “Settings for Google Cloud Printing.” Select OK, then.
  • Tap Save with Google Drive Print and hit OK.
  • Select Yes if you want to submit in Google Drive Print.
  • Pick your chosen Language in the following browser. Select OK, then.
  • It also needs your Authentication Process authorization. Ensure that the Chromebook Printer has white sheets correctly mounted. Then, click OK.
  • As a consequence, the Chromebook Printer will print an authentication URL. Check that the message is accurate.
  • Then, when you get the validation message in the Printer Control Panel, click Yes. Wait fifteen minutes for the adjustments to be applied.
  • Next, come to the Chromebook. Start Google in Chrome.
  • The next thing to enter the online login page is the Encryption url generated from your Chromebook Printer.
  • By entering the accurate email address and password, log in to your Google account in the following browser.
  • When you get the Confirmation slot, press “Finish Printer Registration.” Wait until the process ends afterward. To finish the Chromebook Printer Configuration, press “OK.”

connect canon printer to chromebook

With the help of an intuitive cloud-based application said google cloud print, it’s incredibly easy to print using Chromebook Printer.

  • Start with Google Chrome on your Internet-connected Chromebook.
  • Make absolutely sure that you log in to a Cloud Print Service related account.
  • Then, make the file you want to print open.
  • Go to this window’s upper left corner. To expand its Dialog Box, press File on a tab.
  • First, to proceed further, you can click the button Print. You should click Ctrl + P from your device at the same time. Instead.
  • As a consequence, the Google Account window is leading you. Look for the Change button here. To continue, please click on it.
  • After that, you’ll need a pop-up box named Select Location. A collection of Devices to perform your print job is given in this window. Choose the Canon Printer, therefore.
  • Click on the button Print.

These are complete steps for chromebook printer setup.