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Fixed Solution For Cannot Comunicate with Printer Canon Error | MG, MP

Fixed Solution for Cannot Communicate with Printer Canon Error – PIXMA MG, MP, MX Series

Perhaps you can be unable to express an error when accessing a Canon printer. This error will occur before you upgrade your device’s operating system. In addition, you can encounter this error when the printer is connected to your network before the printer driver is installed.

Resolve a cannot communicate with printer error

Check the printer’s network settings

  • Join a Wi-Fi network link between your Canon printer and your computer. Should it not be connected to the same network, you must first of all link to the same network.
  • If you have a wired printer, then verify if the Ethernet cable is attached correctly to your canon printer and machine. Make sure the Ethernet cable that you use does not crack or harm.
  • Whereas making sure that the network parameters, including the name of a wireless modem, SSID, etc, are similar to those of the wireless router if you have a wireless printer.

Clear the queue for the print job

  • Next, from the lower-left corner of the screen, click on the Windows button.
  • Then type “run” and press the Enter key in the search area.
  • Type “services.msc” in the search area Tap “Ok” after that.
  • The service window would then be shown on your computer. Locate the Print Spooler file in this window and right-click on it and tap End.
  • Now, open your screen’s run window again.
  • Type “spots” and tap “Ok” in the running window
  • Afterwards, sort “%systemroot%\System32\spool\printers”. Then press on the keyboard’s Enter key.
  • Then, simply click the key “Ctrl” and “A” to pick all the folders.
  • You would then press the erase key to clear all of your system’s files.
  • Close the spool folder until all files are removed.
  • Ultimately returning to the window of services. Right-click the “Print Spooler Service” directory in the same window and tap “Start.”

Canon Printer Driver Uninstall and Reinstall

If the printer cannot communicate with computer yet, the printer driver will not be resolved, uninstalled, and reinstalled.

Driver Printer Uninstall

  • You can press the Start icon or the windows icon.
  • Then pick the “Control Panel” and tap on it.
  • The “Programs” or “Program and Feature” alternative must be taped in the control panel.
  • Then right-click the canon printer driver file name and tap “Uninstall a software.”
  • After that, you are asked to uninstall the software by a message that allows you to press “Yes.” This uninstalls the software from your computer absolutely.

Canon Printer Driver Reinstallation

  • Before you install, make sure that you download the driver from Canon’s help page.
  • Double-click on the configuration file after you have successfully downloaded the printer driver.
  • Tap the “Yes” button in the Power User Account window.
  • Then pick the language you like and tap “Next.”
  • Pick the network link printer form from “Wireless LAN Connection” to “USB Connection.”
  • Enter your login credentials if you are using the Mac PC.
  • Make sure your printer is activated and press “Ok”
  • If your printer connected to the network is already connected, pick your printer name and press “Next” from the list.
  • Enter your printer serial number and press the “Next” button to launch your driver’s installation.

Additional steps to solve cannot communicate with printer error

  • Solve the dilemma of paper jamming
  • See the configuration of the printer
  • Check the printer’s power supply.