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How to setup your printerwith Google Cloud Print

How To Set Up Cloud Print On Canon Printer

You have to adapt your Canon printer to your next stage of printing experience using Google Cloud Print.  You can print from anywhere or a device that is cloud-enabled. You’re going to print your web browser. The configuration is the key method you need to undertake for this ultimate operation.

Basic Specifications to connect canon printer to google cloud print

You must satisfy certain pre-requirements when conducting the printer setup on cloud print. Complying with these parameters simplifies, makes it easy and simple. . The setup method specification is as follows.

  • Sign in your active Google account credentials
  • Canon Wireless Printer Setup Successfully
  • a PC or an intelligent computer with a browser modified
  • A4 paper in your printer in Canon
  • Cellular network powerful signals

Find out how to connect canon printer to google cloud print 

You can be used in different processes when setting up the Google Cloud Printing machine. . The pair of them are below. You can select either form according to your preference. Made sure that you obey the instructions such that the process is finished without undesired impediments.

Method 1: canon cloud printing setup with a web browser

It is very quick and convenient to use a web browser to set up your Canon printer for cloud printing. The step-by-step instructions below are given for direct guidance.

Note: Google Chrome works with this process. Ensure that you have different choices and placement for the web browser.

  • The key step is to connect to a similar wireless network to your Canon print and machine.
  • Then run your machine with a stable web browser. Keep updating it for a seamless process on the new edition.
  • Now click the right top right of the browser to display three straight lines or circles.
  • The options list will automatically be extended. Scan and pick the “Settings” option in the chart.
  • Scroll down to the edge of the Configuration window. Then at the base, you will receive an “Advanced” selection. To enlarge the choice, press it.
  • You will notice the “Printing” section as you step down. “Google drive Print” is the second choice for this segment. To go on, press it.
  • Now, by tapping on it, turn your toggle button on. In addition to handling the Cloud device option, press the ‘Expand’ button.
  • Next to this, by pressing the “Add” button, you could add your printer.
  • The printers list in the vicinity will be released. You will find the printer with the Google Cloud Print that you want to make and press Add.
  • The validation message will be shown on your computer to remind you that the configuration has successfully completed.
  • The tabs can now be closed and the web printer can run.

Method 2: canon cloud print setup via authorization URL

The authorization URL also helps you to choose the option of setting up a printer with cloud print. It takes a few more minutes to finalize the installation. You must obey the instructions below to make the method easier and error-free.

  • Next, by clicking the power button, you need to turn enabled your printer. After it has been enabled, enter your printer control panel. Make absolutely sure your Canon Printer has a fast Internet connection.
  • Get the menu on your computer using the key accessible by clicking the button “Home.” Now, choose Configuration > Setup of Web Service > Other Settings > Setup of Google Cloud Print > Record.
  • Confirm next, by clicking “Ok,” the cloud print Canon registration.
  • Then you are asked to pick the print settings language. Choose and check the right vocabulary.
  • After a few minutes, your Canon printer will print all the information on your network. You will now get the Authentication URL .
  • Now get next to your machine and link it to the internet like your Canon printer. Then run a web browser on it.
  • In your window address field, the authentication URL on the printout must be entered.
  • This takes you to the cloud printing service logging window. Please enter in the boxes and confirm signed up to your registered credentials.
  • Your browser will now receive the confirmation code. Also, the configuration completion notification will be shown on your printer computer.